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We have started another round of afterschool programming at the JHHS FabLab.  Students register through the Teton County Parks and Recreation afterschool club on their website.  Students bring home flyers regarding dates and times prior to registration.

We will offer afterschool programming periodically throughout the year!  If you missed this session, check back later!

Who says elementary students can't use Arduino??  We sure can!  Sparkfun.com came out with a very handy arduino beginners kit.  The code is downloadable from sparkfun and the kit contains everything you need to know to get started with some basic programming and uses for arduino.


These pictures don't do justice to the cool capture the students did this week with a free app called 123D Catch!  SO FUN!  Students used the app to take a series of pictures (usually about 40) which were then turned into a computer generated 3D model.  We'll spend some time cleaning up the images with meshmixer and then print of the objects with our 3D printers!  Kids loved this activity though it took some perseverance to take the photos correctly!

At the beginning of our current Colter session we wanted students to work together in small groups to accomplish a project under a time constraint.  They were given the "Great Spaghetti Tower Challenge" (go google it) and did a great job applying physics principles to their designs.  While there are always successes and failures in the spaghetti tower challenge, the students did a great job keeping a positive attitude throughout the entire project!

Give kids tons of scrap materials and what do you get??  That's right, Rube Goldberg!  Students have to decide what simple activity they wanted accomplished (push a paper off the table, fill up a cup with water, etc.) and then use simple machine created through scrap materials to generate a multi-step Rube Goldberg machine!  This was harder than I anticipated for some reason...students had a harder time generating ideas than I thought they would.  But...at the end of the day they all had some fun designs that (kinda) worked!

Getting younger students (or anyone for that matter) to understand how 3D modeling and printing can be a part of their world is EASY!!!  Students developed their own artwork by using black sharpies to draw any design.  Then scan, clean up in Adobe Illustrator and turn into an STL file in Blender and viola!  Students took home their own artwork in a 3D printed model!  Giggles and ooohhhs and aaahhhs from everyone! 


What better to do with a bunch of old, broken electronics???  Why Hack into them of course!  Which is exactly what our group of 3-5th graders did after school! 

For this activity we pre-cut gear parts and boxes for students to create their own designs.  This project was inspired by an activity from ZombieCat.org and the students really enjoyed figuring out what they could come up with to design their gear box.  As you can tell from the final projects, there was lots of creativity going on with some amazing final products!

Colter students did two different activities this past week.  First, they used conductive paint (paint that carries and electrical charge) to create a Valentine's Day Card.  They should get finished up next week and be ready to take home.

The next activity students were asked to make a prototype of an object.  Most of the boys started off by making some type of car or boat while the girls were making towers and chariots.  Lots of creative making!

One of our sessions in January had students creating what are known as "BristleBots" or "BrushBots".  With some pretty simple materials (toothbrush, pager motor, sticky tape and a battery) kids had a fun, interactive toy in a matter of minutes.  Kids then made their own race courses to see which BristleBot would win!

In January of 2014 we started a STEM enrichment opporunity for 4th and 5th graders from Colter Elementary School. 

Our first adventure revolved around "Squishy Circuits".  Students were given two types of homemade dough...one conductive and the other an insulator...LED lights, a battery pack, a buzzer, a microphone and a motor.  The basics of series and parallel circuits were covered together then kids starting throwing the dough together and the components to create boats, airplanes and other objects that had lights and buzzed (it got a little loud!!)  The students also explored short circuits and helped each other get their motors to run if their individual battery packs weren't strong enough to get it spinning!  A very creative and helpful group of students!


Our next project involved a program called TinkerCAD.  Students of all ages can easily create 3D models with this online free program.  While we quickly ran out of time, parents couldn't drag their kids away from learning the program!  More of this next week!

This week, students played around with the vinyl cutter and got to make a sticker!  This was a good lesson patience and perseverance!  Chosing exactly the right type of file plays an important role in the final product.  AND...students had to be patient waiting their turn to get their sticker made!

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