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Course Offerings

Intro Course: The Art and Science of Making 1

This is a yearlong course designed to introduce students to the Digital Fabrication Lab.  Students will spend the first quarter doing mini-projects to master both the equipment in the lab and explore the process of design thinking.  The next two quarters, students will integrate their core content classes into the fabrication lab with the help of their teachers and the FabLab instructor.  The last quarter of the year, students will be designing and creating their own unique projects to continue their exploration of content through one or more of their core classes.


The Art and Science of Making 2

The Art and Science of Making 2 is the complimentary course for students that have already completed The Art and Science of Making 1.  In this course we will be working with outside companies and non-profits.  Students will apply the design-thinking process to problems brought forth by these companies and work out possible solutions.  Students will take the projects all the way through the fabrication process as well.


You will find some examples of these projects in the "What our students are doing" section of the website.  In recent years we have worked with the Teton County Library, Jackson Elementary School, and The Trust for Public Lands.  We have also worked closely with JH Public Art and Bland Hoke to bring real life design projects to the classroom.


The Art and Science of Making 3

This is a yearlong course designed to allow year 3 students the ability to explore ideas and concepts on their own through independent projects.  Students must use the course project checklist document for every project they start and finish.  Students will use the Design Thinking process that they have practiced over the past two years to research, define a problem, brainstorm solutions, prototype solutions, improve their idea and then reflect on their learning.  Students should come into the course prepared to self-manage their time, use a sketchbook to record the flow of ideas and then present to other students at the conclusion of a project.

Additionally, students will continue to hone their skills on collaborating and brainstorming through short, time intense challenges.  Students may also be involved in teacher developed projects throughout the year as opportunities arise within the community.

The Art and Science of Making 4

The Art and Science of Making 4 is specifically designed to have seniors working on very detailed design work.  Students will be involved in a complex design challenge of their choice, that should last the entire school year.  Examples of these challenges would be Google Science Fair, Biomimicry.org, Inhabitat.com, sciencelearn.org, and several architectural challenges.

Students will also have the ability to do their own projects as well as long as they are managing their time well during class.

Ideally, each student will be paired with a mentor from our community.  This often happens organically from the work we do in Year 2 classes, but all students should pick an specific design area when forecasting for Year 4 so the instructor can start finding mentors for the Fall.

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