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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Digital Fabrication Lab?

Several years ago MIT started installing high tech equipment and software around the world as a way to expand collaborative efforts in innovation.  Stanford University applied this concept to education and has integrated Fabrications Labs into schools.  These spaces follow the trend of the Maker Movement and when integrated into curriculum have a lasting effect on student engagement.


What kind of equipment is found in a FabLab?

There are usually very similar pieces of equipment found in these spaces which include 3D printers, laser engravers, vinyl cutters, milling machines, 3D scanners and a large assortment of basic crafting materials.  Bigger facilities may also have metal machinery, jewelry making equipment, as well as sewing and quilting equipment.


Are there safety concerns with this equipment?

Each piece of equipment has it's own unique safety protocol to follow.  Before students are allowed to use the equipment on their own they must be trained on proper usage. 


Can community members use the FabLab?

The installation of this space was made possible by several grants at the state and federal levels. At this time we cannot open the lab to community members due to security and staffing considerations.  We do, however, occasionally hold community events, after school clubs, summer camps, and other special programming for our community members.


Do I have to know anything about this "stuff" to register for the class?

NO!  You do not have to consider yourself "techy" or even to like computers in order to take the class.  The course we are offering is for EVERYONE!  All that we ask is that you come prepared to think about things in different ways!

Still have more questions?

Contact us directly.  We'd be happy to assist you personally.


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