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What Our Students Are Doing!

Students who are taking  "The Art and Science of Making"  will be showcased on this page.  We will be exploring their work around all three domains of the space which includes Collaboration, Digital Design and Making!


See more projects and designs under the Year 2  Classes!!, Collaboration Space, Digital Design Space and Maker Space tabs.  I try to highlight the various things happening in the different classes.



Students exploring Hot Springs around the world to start generating ideas on what they would like to design in our own town.

Field Trip to University of Wyoming...

During one of our sessions students made magnetic motors with some pretty basic materials.

Our students were able to witness alpha and beta radiation with an old experimental set up that hasn't been done in 30 years!  A soaked cloth with radiative dye is set beside  super chilled ethol alcohol.  As the particles are released, they create small clouds in the alcohol.  The narrator is a graduate student at the University of Wyoming.

Many of our freshmen students attended a field trip to the University of Wyoming to help launch their Capstone Projects of the year.  We visiting with and saw some amazing projects taking place with the graduate students in various departments on campus.  This video of a few of our students inside the 3D cave at the Innovation Center.  They are wearing 3D glasses and traveling through a 3D village.

Independent Projects

Several students did projects that tied into their social studies course or simple an interest in history.  These are examples of projects done that serve an memorials, monuments or informative boards about a topic in history.  One project is on the battle of Iwo Jima, another honors the life of Amelia Earhart while another was designed to memorialize the life of Nelson Mandela. 

Some of the 9th grade students have an outside reading project in their English course.  Many students have chosen to do a project in conjunction with the book they are reading.  This particular project example is actually from a unit on Greek Mythology.  You'll notice that Perseus and Medusa have LEDs embedded in their eyes!  The circuitry is on the back which allow the LEDs to light up! 

This student is showcasing their basic circuit work on the backside of their project.  The student read "The House on Mango Street" in English class and decided to create a model of their vision of one part of the book using electricity, circuits and LED lights.

A passion for soccer had this student creating new cleats for their soccer shoes.  They wanted to make plastic cleats for his new shoes which only came with metal which aren't allowed on the soccer field.  Careful measurements and some 3D modeling...viola!

These young ladies worked together on their project.  A project that originally started out doing a complete redesign of a shopping cart ended with a design to help with just one aspect of the overall plan.  Noticing how their Moms didn't have anywhere to put their cell phone (which contained their grocery list) on the shopping cart itself, these two engineered a case which would attach to the shopping cart handle.  They have done some initial testing but are excited to take their prototypes around town to try them out!

Math Practice Projects

Practice Math Projects:  Towards the end of semester one students began their first projects in the lab.  We connected this first project to their math course.  We had students from all math courses and math abilities (Algebra to AP Statistics) which made for interesting final project ideas and products.  Here, we are showcasing some of the final projects completed by the students.

These are just a few examples of the math projects.  Starting from the top...

1) Tank:  Students built a model tank then 3D scanned in their model.  They then modified the model in an effort play around with scale and dimension.

2) Diamon Problems:  These small numbers are just part of a project that students did to practice their diamond problems in Algebra.  Their teacher uses diamond problems weekly to reinforce this math process and students wanted to make a more tangible way to practice them.

3) Giant foot:  What started out as an extra credit problem in Geometry turned into the creation of a giant foot!  This project was an exercise in area and scale as well as dimensions for a sculpture.  The final product took 15 hours to print on the 3D printer!

4) Mountains:  Students in trigonmetry and pre-calculus explored using slope and functions to recreate an area of the Teton Range.  They used geologic maps to select an area of the range, then calculated slope and angles to create their own 3D model of that area. 

5) Giant Number Line:  This was by far the largest project!  A student wanted a more personal and fun way to create lines on a number line.  By creating a large number line, his teacher can have students line up or laydown across the grid to create the desired line/slope.  Very Fun!!

6)  Board Game:  We had several board games come out of the math practice projects.  STudents wanted a way to review their math content in a fun, practical way!  The hardest part was using math to actually math the board games because every group had to apply the math content from their class.  This was tricky!

7)  Practical Protractor:  This was also one of many protractor prototypes.  This project attempted to measure angles.  We had others that very large and designed for a teacher to use in the classroom when modeling how to calculate angles or angle relationships!

Problem Solving Everywhere!

All six classes have been given a special challenge or problem through using the vinyl cutter as their tool.  There are lots of projects in the works taking place all over the school so I decided to post about here instead of under the individual classroom spaces (don't forget to check those out!).


More picture will follow once final products are complete!

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