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Kick off School Year 2014-2015

Since a huge portion of this course is devoted to Design-thinking and innovation, students were given the fun task of trying to forecast in to the future and list as many innovation and inventions as they could think of!  Fun!

Time line of innovations!

Capstone Project for Ninth Graders

9th grade students have been working on their Capstone End-of-the-Year Project.  We challenged all students to create something based off of the content they learned in their Earth Science Class.  Students researched natural and man-made disasters in Earth Science, continued that research in FabLab and then used the design-thinking process to generate ideas on what people might need or want to help them after a disaster occured. 

After many weeks of brainstorming, prototyping and struggle, we thought it would be a good idea to calendar out the rest of the year and set goals along the way for students to complete.  As you can see...we have LOTS of goals to meet for the deadline!

Design-Thinking Process

Students recently took some time out of their project work to go through an entire Design-Thinking Process.  I have included the presentation used to get our students thinking about problems from others perspectives.  All six classes had to think of a creative solution that would draw all types of people to the Jackson Town Square to generate more foot traffic and more revenue for the local economy.  Their ideas were thoughtful and inventive and we were please with this collaborative effort!


Steps of the Design-Thinking Process are...


1.  Empathy:  Students had to figure out who their audience or clients were and what they would want or need in the situation


2.  Define:  Students had to work together to define the problem as they understood it in order to move forward with a solution


3.  Ideate:  Students each brainstormed multiple ideas for the solution of the problem and finally had to agree on one.


4.  Prototype:  Students then prototyped their idea through sketching and refining.


5.  Test:  Students must then show their prototype to one person they know will give them some honest feedback and reflect on what they could do to improve their prototype.

Design-Thinking Presentation
Design Thinking.pptx
Microsoft Power Point presentation [1.4 MB]

Students have started their first "Practice Project".  Students were challenged to think about whatever math class they are currently taking (that ranges from Algebra 1A to AP Calculus and AP Statistics) and figure out a way, using the tools and technology associated with the FabLab, to showcase their knowledge. 


We have students creating teaching tools, study aids, visual representations and board games...all with a focus around one particular math content piece. 


Check back in a few weeks as I highlight their final products!

Working in the Collaboration Room!

Our "Green Room" or Collaboration space offers our students a unique opportunity to share their thoughts and be creative!


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