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Biomimicry Unit 2016-2017

Students were challenged to pick an organism for research.  From there, they looked at the feature or features that make that organism suscessful.  They then prototyped several versions of that "body part" through an either very literal way or a very creative/artistic avenue.

Young ladies connecting their Earth Science class to the FabLab...examining volcanic explosions and Tephra Ash Falls impact on crop growth.

Lots of use with the laser engravers for final year projects.

Student working in a 50% scale of a campfire seat.  Designed and fabricated all in the FabLab.

End of Year Project from a Year One Student. Trying to solve the problem of frostbite!
Student working diligently on creating constellations using Arduino! Getting so close!!

Lots of Great Projects!  I wish I could highlight them all but here is a quick snapshot!


1.  Essential Oil diffuser for one of our school's Autistic students.  He uses essential oils as part of his therapy and wanted to be able to wear them around his neck.  A few FabLab Year 2 students discussed the project with the student and have designed a pendant for him.  We were lucky enough to get a silver-clay jewelry designer to come in and give the students a crash course in using the clay and jewelry making!  Wow!  Thanks so much Annie Band!  The students learned so much...they couldn't have completed the project without you! (see photo below)


2.  Honeycomb Tires:  Two students were interested in how to recreate the airless tires.  There was LOTS of prototyping and 3D modeling with this project and the students created some really amazing models (downsized of course). (see photo below)


3.  Pencil thrower:  No kidding...a student frustrated with losing his pencils all the time is creating a pencil case that actually uses a motor to spit out and retract his pencils when he needs them!  This is still a work in progress so pictures will have to come later!


4.  Knee health:  Several students are working on a larger schoolwide project on female knee health.  Students are recreating the knee joint to study the effects of strength training to reduce knee injury.  Yep...it's an awesome, awesome project with TONS of learning happening across the school!


More to come!

One class of the Art and science of Making students created a Mural based on the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem.  They researched the flow of energy in the system, created prototypes of their ideas, received feedback from the AP Environmental Science class and then continued to refine their ideas and prototypes.  The wall is still under construction but SO close to being completed!

Students used our vinyl cutters to complete this project and some groups went even deeper with this tool, creating multi-colored and multi-layers artwork.


Other classes created large boards for math teachers, the culinary teacher and in the audio/visual classroom.


More photos to come!

Just some random photos of our maker space including a few photos of student projects as well as our new mobile maker carts!

Stickers Everywhere!

Students were given a design challenge to address.  The six classes had different challenges in the building...each involved addressing the problem from another person's perspective.  Students then had to use CutStudio software and the Vinyl Cutters to come up with a solution to the problem. 

Following Directions...

E-Textiles...aka "Wearable Electronic Art"

One tecnology that is making a big splash in both the world of electronics is "E-textiles".  Students are practice their circuitry and understanding of circuits through a project we refer to as "wearable art".  Students had to design any item that included some LED lights and wire it appropriately with conductive thread.  I can't wait until their final projects are completed!

Drawdio Activity

Students worked in small groups to put together a kit called a "Drawdio".  Students practiced soldering and working with small electronics components in order to get the final product made.  Not every group was successful in turning their pencil into a musical instrument but everyone worked really hard at learning the new skills and techniques!



Here's the link so you can watch a video about what your students were making.  You can also see the detailed instructions they had to follow to get to the final product!




Mouse Trap Race Car

Our 3rd Project of the year is our "Mouse Trap Race Car" Challenge!  Students worked in small groups to build a car out of a mouse trap that had to move a minimal distance of 10 feet...using the kinetic energy stored in the trap when it is set.  Students experienced lots of challenges!  From material constraints to collaboration issues with partners; from broken parts to design failures!  Amazing learning opportunities for everyone!



Where's the math??

Students were given a random object (kids rake, paddleboard, fairy wings) and had to reconstruct it with limited materials.  Another requirement was that the students had to scale it down to 50% of the original size in their model!  As the time constraint kicked in, students worked feverishly to complete their projects.  There were lots of variations in the models that were made and students compared theirs to others in their group.

Spaghetti Tower Challenge!

The First Design Challenge!

Students were put into small groups to work on their first design challenge.  Each team was given 20 spaghetti noodles, a yard of tape and a yard of string.  Teams designed towers able to support one marshmallow at the top. 


This simple introductory activity served to address...

1) Ongoing collaboration with different team members

2) Thinking about design and iterations of that design

3) Iterations during the design as necessitated by problems that arose

4) Examining the role of science in design and engineering

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