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Year 2...

We  have two classes this year of our Art and Science of Making Year 2!  Students in this course are working on some amazing projects with community entities!  Be sure to check in with us often as our projects progress throughout the year!



2016-2017 Year Two Project:

Students have been busy prepping their project.  So far we have cut 10,000 "scales" out of 1200 LaCroix cans, pulverized glass into sand, blended aluminum and plastic into small pieces for project.  We had a visit May 10th, 2017 from our Subaru company representative to check on the project timeline.  We also visited the art shop down the street to check on the large scale bottom river prototype.  We are hoping to install  by the end of June at the Visitor's Center in Moose, WY.

This school year offered the students a fantastic opportunity to dive deeply into a community project with our local national park.  Subaru's policy of "Zero Landfill" began an outreach pilot program with 3 national parks...one of which, Grand Teton National Park...is our closest national park.  Through this initiative our JHHS FabLab Year 2 students were provided with a unique opportunity to help GTNP move closer to becoming Zero Landfill.  

Here are a few of the projects with photos....

This group took an artistic but practical stance on the project by creating recyling bins using the outline of our local moutain range.  They also suggested using footprint on the floor to make people aware that they have a choice between recycling their bottles or refilling them at a water station.  This group will be integrating their project with another group to eventually be fabricated and installed at the Craig Thomas Visitor's Center in Moose, Wyoming.

This group created several things including a sculpture of an elk that people would be able to add to with their recycled materials.  Using a homemade DIY plastic bottle stripper, strings of plastic would be weaved into the sculpture by visitors to the park.  Ideally, the scuplture would be used as an educational piece for those visiting the park.  Their idea also included bags that visitors could get when they enter the park that would have a map of the park on the front with the locations of the recyling areas within the park boundary.

This group evaluted the number of plastic bottles recycled in GTNP every day during the summer and came up with over 7500 bottles.  They then created a bottle river that would be placed on the terrace outside of the visitor's center.  They also used recycled aluminum cans to create large fish sculptures that would hang both under the bottle river and inside the Visitor's center.

2015-2016 Year Two Projects: 

Year two FabLab students have been working on two different projects this year.  The first, came about as a request from one of our local elementary school administrators.  The entrance to the building, which is currently a K-2 school, is very industrial with lots of metal and neutral colors.  The students were tasked with trying to improve on the design of the front area through their design skills.  Some studetns tackled the large industrial pillars, while others explored ways to improve the seating for parents in the main lobby area.  This project is still underway and hopefully, the administrators at the school will select a variety of the projects to get fabricated to real scale.



Project Alignment...


Most Elementary...

Creativity or Innovative...

Overall Project Winner(s)...

The second project the students have been working on is around the reclamation of an old comminity Hot Springs in our area.  The old Astoria Hot Springs area was a central, community area for locals starting in the 1920s.  About 20 years ago the area was sold and the Hot Springs demolished.  Currently, the Trust For Public Lands is working on a land swap and fundraising for have the site reestablished as a community hot springs again.

The Year 2 students have been exploring the history of the are as well as their own ideas about what people their age might enjoy at an attraction like this.

Students have made several different prototypes with this project.  One of which is a silhouette of the person they interviewed that had memories of Astoria from years ago.  The second prototype is a specific design in either pool design, landscape design, public art or architecture.  With the help of JH Public Art, the students have been guided through the process of Design Thinking to come up with their own, unique designs and work.

Students submitted their final project ideas to the Vertical Harvest team.

The Vertical Harvest team then selected several projects for awards:

Project winner: Sophia

Honorable Mention: Zeke


Community Value: Shaeli

Honorable Mention: James


Innovation: Matt

Honorable Mention: Henry


Buildability: Abe

Honorable Mention: Eli


Programmatic Synergy with VH: Mason

Honorable Mention (Tie): Michael / Alfred


Products that we would like to develop further:

Noah - VH light

Trista - Jewelry


Interior Display: Bayly

Vertical Harvest Project:

Years ago, several individuals in our community began a grassroots movement to create a unique structure beside a recently constructed parking garage in downtown Jackson.  This project, now breaking ground, will be the new home for a vertical greenhouse to supply fresh vegetables to Jackson restaurants and community members years round.


Students were asked to use their skills to create interesting, yet functional art for a 136' x 5' strip of land directly in front of the greenhouse.  Designs are just starting and students are excited about the possibilities of what they can create!

Nona Yehi from the Vertical Harvest

We are still working on our JH Public Art/Library Project!


During January and February a small group of students worked closely with Bland Hoke to make the last modifications to the final design.  Students had several different roadblocks that they had to problem solve and keep the project moving.  Students will get to fabrication part of the completed project themselvs using the laser engravers and then get to watch the larger pieces manufactured down the street (since we don't have our own shopbot!)  So definitely more pictures to come once that happens.

The final piece is scheduled to be completed in the Fall and installed at the Library.

JH Public Art & the Teton County Library


Nov. 20th:  A small group of students (6) went to the TCLibrary and presented their research and design ideas to the Library Board members.  Students prepared a presentation, design logos of their different design concepts and prototypes small mockups of their ideas.  Our next step is to take the ideas and questions from the Library Board and figure out how to keep the project moving forward and aligned with our timeline.



Students are just starting a project with the help of Jackson Hole Public Art that involves the Teen Space at the Teton County Library.  This project is slated to run throughout the entire school year but I'll do my best to keep this section updated with the students' latest developments!


Students involved in the Library Project did what we refer to as a "Speed Feedback" event.  All students had 30 seconds to quickly share their design ideas and then then get feedback from the person sitting across from them. The idea here is to get as much feedback as fast as possible while at the same time looking for opportunities for students to "MashUp" their ideas into a new design.  

Preparing students to visit with Library Stakeholders
Bland Hoke with JH Public Art
Brainstorming Session!
Organizing Ideas!
Looking at sample Public Art Projects
Working with students to define some problems!

Patterns Project!

This year JHHS began using an essential question or prompt schoolwide to explore from various content area points of view. The theme for Quarter One was "Patterns".  Students were challenged to take this theme and work together to create a project using the 3 major pieces of equipment in the FabLab...a vinyl cutter, 3D printer and the Laser Engraver.  


Students brainstormed in small groups to ensure they shared the same vision of the word "Patterns" and shared where they felt like patterns existed to them.  Then they had to agree on a project that encompassed and applied those ideas to create a final product.  Some examples are show below...a Fibonacci sequence, patterns in nature, patterns of time and history.  STudents also presented their projects and had to defend their "Patterns" connection to the rest of the class.

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